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15 Priceless Band Memes To Keep You Occupied For Hours

Bands offer different types of music. Be it Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative, Rap, Country, Generational, Classical or Religious, people tend to patronize them and their music. But why do people love music? According to studies, listening to music heightens the activity in the nucleus accumbens that helps release dopamine into the person’s brain. Dopamine is responsible for the emotional responses of humans and it is important for the mental and physical wellbeing of a person.

It is also believed that people who love to listen to music have higher intelligence. For people with brain injuries, music can also help them retain their personal memories. Moreover, listening to a certain type of music helps increase generosity. If you love to listen to music while working out, it actually helps you work out for a much longer time. Much to the advantages that music can contribute, it also spreads laughter in all corners of social media as band memes are shared countless times per day, check them out here;



2. I’m a genius!


3. We don’t do that here!


4. You’re 15 years late! 


5. The flute section…


6. So, that’s what really happened! 


7. I’m in a Band


8. When you have no idea what you’re doing but you still continue doing it!


9. That is never true!


10. Follow your conductor!


11. FACT: You Suck!


12. Bands deserve better compensation!


13. You filthy little Mudblood!


14. Band couples…


15. How did you found out?

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Written by Greg Brooks

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