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15 Hilarious Brexit Memes to Keep You Occupied Endlessly!

Brexit refers to the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union. The word is a combination of two words, ‘exit’ and ‘Britain’. On June 23, 2016, the country left the union where it became a member for 40 years.

People who believed that United Kingdom should not leave the EU is a good idea said that the move will result in immediate cost saving. This is because United Kingdom will no longer have to pay the contribution fee to the EU. Just in 2016, UK paid £13.1bn and received spending worth £4.5bn. Therefore, the net contribution of the UK to the EU is £8.5bn.

What’s making it worst is the fact that it becomes hard to determine the financial advantages that an EU has brought to the member country, whether it’s free trade, outweighing the upfront costs and the inward investment.

The controversy created a lot of abuzz online that Brexit memes are all other the social media, ready to be shared by supporters and not. Check out the memes here;

1. The benefits.


2. Must be updated!


3. Leaving EU


4. The worst days are coming.


5. Now, the game begins!


6. Brexit? What happens next?


7. How much space?


8. Let’s take back control.


9. The wise cat’s opinion.


10. Now with different flags. 


11. This photo!


12. The consequences.


13. Nope! You cannot!


14. When will you ever get a job?


15. Stronger together?

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Written by Greg Brooks

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