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15 Hilarious English Memes To Keep You Entertained For Hours

English is a language used in England and the natives there are also referred to as English people. English dates back to medieval origin where they are first known as Angelcynn. England has the highest population in the entire United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

What are the characteristics of English people? The most common misconception among English is that they are unfriendly to foreigners. But the truth is, Britain is known as a multicultural society and the people are welcoming to all nations and cultures. Because they are reserve, the idea that they are unwelcoming sprouted. Unlike other European countries, you won’t easily see a couple publicly doing private stuff like kissing or hugging. Even among married couples. This is the same as two strangers walking in the alley. Most likely, they won’t talk to each other.

If you want to make friends with English people, humor is the key. Share these hilariously crazy and funny English memes now!

1. Tears…


2. The British accent again.


3. The unique accent again.




5. You after a night out. 


6. Life finds a way.


7. Still me 45 years later. 


8. Disappearing because of hunger.


9. You are ultimately wrong!


10. Just for one day


11. The many ways to use Nutella.

Jogging as a sport.

13. When British people get angry.

14. How to look like him.


15. Did you also have this when growing up?

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Written by Greg Brooks

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