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15 Goofy DBD Memes To Make You Laugh All Day!

Dead by Daylight or simply known as DBD is a video game with a concept of asymmetric survival horror developed by Behaviour Interactive. DBD was first released in June 2016 for Microsoft Windows and after a year, it was released for Xbox One and Playstation 4. On September 24, 2019, the game was made available for Nintendo Switch users and it was also available for mobile users, Android and iOS, on April 17, 2020.

In this game, the player assumes to be one of the survivors, either Meg Thomas, Dwight Fairfield, Jake Park, Claudette Morelle, Laurie Strode, Nea Karlsson, Ace Visconti, William Overbeck, Feng Min, David Tapp, David King, Adam Francis, Quentin Smith, Kate Denson, Jeffrey Johansen, Ashley ‘Ash’ Williams, Jane Romero, Nancy Wheeler, Steve Harrington, Felix Richter, Yui Kimura, Cheryl Mason, Zarina Kassir, Yun-Jin Lee or Élodie Rakoto. The main objective of this game is to escape from an enclosed area.

Check out these amazing DBD memes all for you!

1. The scariest killer

2. The worst hotfix


3. Trying to hold in! 

4. I’m dead!

5. You’ve yee’d your last haw!


6. No one cares, actually! 

7. Right back!


8. None of them!


9. They’re bullies!


10. The Survivor…


11. Disaster…


12. You can’t de-rank me!


13. When you’re doing something you don’t really know why…


14. RUN!


15. DBD Memes forever!

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Written by Greg Brooks

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