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15 Best Engineering Memes – Get Ready To Laugh Out Loud

Engineering is closely related to technology and the rise of it plays a very important role in the advancement of technology that we enjoy nowadays including the Internet, computers, hospital machines, office machines, household machines and so much more. Engineering is a form of profession that deals with mathematics and scientific knowledge being used in experimentation to benefits mankind.

Thanks to engineers, healthcare was improved dramatically as a result of new technology which was introduced to the public. With this improvement in technology, the discovery of treatment and illnesses greatly saved the lives of people.

There are also a lot of credible engineers that changed society. Alan Turing was an engineer who created the Enigma machine, a machine that contributed so much to ending World War II. Engineers were also responsible for sending a man to space as well as the advancement of technology that allows you to see and also talk to someone through video calls from all points in the world.

Finally, the entertainment that engineers have contributed to the Internet. Engineering memes are spreading some good vibes all over. Check them out here;

1. I think you’re not tired yet. Double time!


2. Trusting the engineer.


3. Because he is an engineer.


4. The Engineering Department.


5. Only studying before the exam…


6. Online classes!


7. Have you had enough sleep?


8. Get experience before you get experience.


9. In Engineering..

10. Saving some water.


11. Engineering Life: Before and After


12. What other people think you do vs. What you really do. 


13. No. You will never have free time.


14. Because I’m an Engineer.


15. Science vs. Engineering

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Written by Greg Brooks

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