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A Great Collection of Fresh Memes Just For You!

You may stumble on a couple of jokes and memes online and thought that you’ve read it a couple of times before? You are not alone! This is the same feeling to all meme lovers going through a tough time looking for some fresh memes to share on their social media.

Finding a fresh meme, something that wasn’t shared so many times, is like finding a needle in the haystack. It is tough and needs your patience. But finding one, or creating one for yourself is so rewarding especially if it gets appreciated by other people. Nonetheless, all you need to have is a creative mind, if you want to create a fresh and unique meme while long patience if you are merely browsing over some relatable and funny memes.

After all, a fresh meme brings a good laugh, especially in this tough time. And remember, that laughter is the best medicine. Check out our amazing fresh memes and share them with your friends.

1. FacialExpression.exe


2. Sad Life!

3. New bestfriend

4. HOW???

5. If you can’t park, bring a chalk

6. RIP


7. Cat Logic


9. Unexpected Guests.

10. Spider Long Legs

11. Laugh and hope is wasn’t a question.

12. Self-sabotaging own life.

13. Only people with advance sense of humor can understand

14. No bees… SWEAR!

15. The problem is no one else but ME.

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Written by Greg Brooks

Meme literacy can get you in with any crowd - understand the meme, understand the ethos. Covering a vast range of topics, from politics to anime, the perfect meme for you is right here.

I’ve been collecting and creating memes for many years and love that they bridge divides between people and groups. Sharing the right meme can make you an instant hit, and that’s where I can help. Look through the meme library and find the perfect meme for your purpose.

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