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Kick Back and Laugh With These Never Before Seen Roses Are Red Memes

Roses Are Red is a commonly-used rhyming poem, usually a love poem. These words were made into different poems dating back to 1590 until the present day. It was traceable in the poem of Edmund Spencer: The Faerie Queene and a nursery rhyme from 1784 called Gammer Gurton’s Garland. The same words were also featured in the Les Miserables novel in 1862.

Countless versions of these words also appeared in children’s lore and hit songs in the 60s. In the era wherein the Internet is widely being used, ‘Roses are Red’ were seen in a lot of quotes about love or quotes that will make you laugh. The rhyming words seem to perfectly fit almost all aspects of life.

That being said, roses are red memes are also widely shared online. Numerous jokes were made out of these words while there are also inspiring memes to check out. Here is a collection of roses are red memes you will love you share with your pals!


1. Hungry suspect!


2. Too much oil!


3. The side chick!


4. Stress eating, are you?


5. Sniffing Glue


6. Going to college.


7. The Red Blood.


8. It’s always YOU!


9. The garden is on fire!


10. Cute shirt and cute you. 


11. Unhappy relationship


12. The Pizza story.


13. The brick is for you!


14. Forever alone.


15. God made me beautiful.


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Written by Greg Brooks

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