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An Extraordinary Collection of Attack on Titans Memes and One-Liners

Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga proclaimed to be commercial and critically successful. By December 2019, the manga has reached more than 100 million copies worldwide and taking its seat as a top-selling manga series. The manga also won several awards like Harvey Award, Kodansha Manga Award, and Attilio Micheluzzi Award.

The setting of the story centers at the civilization situated inside three walls where humans still live. Humanity was about to be extinct because of the population of humanoid giants known as Titans. They can attack humans and eat them too. The last group of humanity hid in three concentric walls and enjoys a peaceful life. But, they are protecting their land and their lives by employing Vertical Maneuvering Equipment that enables immense mobility throughout the three dimensions. The manga is too exciting but the Attack on Titan memes are funnier and relatable. Check it all here;

1. New clothes that you don’t like!


2. And your mother just returned home!


3. Never go for a snack at 3am!


4. Don’t let this virus keep killing more people.


5. The leader is also the one who does all the work


6. Should have thought about it…


7. The Attack of Mosquitos


8. Scared of mold and mildew instead


9. LEVI is not the password


10. She is a Titan!


11. Do you have?


12. You, too?


13. The strongest soldier


14. No one should skip!


15. Everyone explains like this.

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Written by Lucia Asaro

In between being a stressed-out parent, I am the Queen of Meme!

Memes can be anything - images, videos, words, or even quotes, and can hold a wide variety of meanings that are virally transmitted across platforms. Social network sites are jam packed with meme culture, but far from being merely a social media phenomena, they are starting to change the way business operations are conducted. Big brands, for example, often create and share memes that spread awareness of their products or the messages they wish to pass on. In this way, memes have become more important than anyone could imagine, and they look to go from strength to strength.

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