Trendy Bird Memes that are Hilarious

Looking at Bird memes is a great way to start your day with a smile. If you can’t start it with a smile, then view this! This is for you! I placed photos of birds along with funny captions that could make you burst out laughing! Birds are unique, they have different colours of feathers ranging from blue, green and red and so on. Birds are easy to spot but not easy to tame, it takes endurance and desire to do so because taming these species could be an arduous task; feeding them, caging them in their birdcage hoping they won’t break out of it, high possibilities of them poking you hard with their beaks and dying.

These are cute pictures of birds captured by numerous people in the wilderness, the birds subconsciously strike an interesting stance which was caught at the right time making it more suitable as a meme. The birds are super cute! They have a personality of their own which makes people love these animals more. Enjoying nature along with these animals make it even funnier and cuter! I hope you enjoy these Bird memes at work, home, anywhere. Have fun scrolling through bird memes! 


  1. I know you did it!


2. What’s wrong?


3. Really! I’m a duck!


4. To my ever loyal brain cells – Thank you so much!


5. He caught the food so easily!


6. When the bird is also a gangster.


7. The disappointed angry bird.


8. I’m a BANANA!


9. Surrender the child, you human!


10. The suspect!


11. Proud momma!


12. How come?


13. The newest Kpop boyband!


14. Hi! I am the love of your life!


15. The wealthiest pigeon!














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