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Our Favorite Russia Memes and Puns All In One List

When you first think about Russia, what are the first things that come to mind? For most people, bears and vodka are the things that people mostly remember. But there’s so much about Russia that isn’t known to the public.

Did you know that cats in Russia have jobs? In the Hermitage museum in Russia, cats are entitled to protect precious artworks from rats and they are valued by the entire museum staff. Each of the cats there even has a regular salary and passport.

Looking for a cool place to stay? There is a certain town in Russia that is considered the coldest inhabited town in the world – the Oymyakon town, Siberia. The coldest temperature recorded in that place was in 1938 at -108°F. In the months of January and December, the temperature drops to -58°F.

Much to the country’s fun facts, check out these funny but relatable Russia memes that are storming across the Internet. If you are not from Russia but have some Russian friends, care to share it with them and spread some good vibes.

1. This one’s funny!


2. Beer was not an alcoholic drink in Russia until 2011


3. You can have a whole bear!


4. Memes make you!


5. No one knows!

6. Pick it up right away!


7. Sadimir Putin because he is sad.


8. The history books in Russia


9. When you know you’re in trouble!


10. Like a boss!


11. Tell me everything you know!


12. The Russian Law!


13. You don’t catch pikachu, he catches you!


14. The crowd controls you!


15. Welcome to Russia!

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Written by Mia Tremaine

Using social media as much as I do, I love having a steady meme stream on hand to use as often as possible. That’s why this collection is so awesome, and I know you’re gonna love it too.

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