15 Heart Memes To Make You Fall In Love All Over Again

A person’s heart is unpredictable. Sometimes, you feel like not getting into another relationship ever again after a failed one. Then you meet someone amusing who makes you smile instead of cry. That’s the time your heart starts to flutter again. It may sound funny but you should never close your doors because your heart has its own mind. You cannot dictate it nor force it to do something that it doesn’t want to do. But God placed your brain on top of your body. This means that although you can’t dictate your heart, you must always use your brain to decide which is right and wrong.

You have the heart to love, but you also have a brain to create balance. Remember that loving someone won’t save you from getting hurt. And when you get hurt, you must use your brain to decide the best for you and the person you love. We are most alive when we are in love. Love is so powerful and you cannot fully describe it no matter how hard you try. Express your love with these heart memes worth sharing.

    1. You better!
    2. Cuddles with you are the sweetest!


3. I will always be here, no matter what!


4. The look in their eyes are stabbing you already.


5. When you can’t sleep at night thinking about him/her.

6. You’re the prettiest girl in the world!


7. Just shut up!


8. I’m on the way!


9. It’s exploding!


10. Hearts on the eye.


11. This is you when you’re so in love!


12. My loser!


13. A good way to fall.


14. You are the blessing of my life!

15. My heart is so full of you!

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Written by Mia Tremaine

Using social media as much as I do, I love having a steady meme stream on hand to use as often as possible. That’s why this collection is so awesome, and I know you’re gonna love it too.

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