15 Fantastic Science Memes That You Can Share With Your Nerdy Friends

Science has brought a lot of changes especially in the field of technology. The things that we have today, the comfort that we enjoy today are all thanks to the scientific discoveries made by famous people and personalities in the previous years. Science has brought the discovery of electricity which has provided a lot of comfort to all people in the present time. Without electricity, our nights will be a lot darker, no electronic gadgets will be made, no appliances at home that can minimize the household chores. People will remain in the dark side, unable to make advancement and progress.

Nowadays, science influence people in so many ways. In the field of medical industry, a lot of advancement has been made and countless lives were saved, thanks to science. If we are going to mention all the good things that science has brought us, this topic will go on forever. Instead, we should check some relatable science memes that’s going around the Internet? Can you relate to one of these? Do you think these memes are far from reality? There’s one way to find out! Check these memes below.

  1. So, that’s how rainbows are made.
  2. You get me? Na!
  3. Diluting solution is breaking the concentration.
  4. Amino Acid!
  5. When Hunger Games were yet to be invented.
  6. Okay, don’t come closer germs! Someone will pick me up soon…
  7. Are you really gonna throw away those precious years?
  8. Are you still going to wish upon a star?
  9. Don’t take him!
  10. You can do it blood cells!
  11. Should I photosynthesis now?
  12. That’s a tough subject!
  13. If this is possible, the whole town will be so bright!
  14. When you just want B and nothing else!
  15. Ah! They plan it!

What do you think?

Written by Lucia Asaro

In between being a stressed-out parent, I am the Queen of Meme!

Memes can be anything - images, videos, words, or even quotes, and can hold a wide variety of meanings that are virally transmitted across platforms. Social network sites are jam packed with meme culture, but far from being merely a social media phenomena, they are starting to change the way business operations are conducted. Big brands, for example, often create and share memes that spread awareness of their products or the messages they wish to pass on. In this way, memes have become more important than anyone could imagine, and they look to go from strength to strength.

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