Looking to Share an Unforgettable Meme with a Mate? These Relatable Memes are an Excellent Choice

Memes have taken over social media and it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Regardless of what app you’re using, chances are you’ve come across a random meme on your news feed more than once in just 30 minutes of browsing the app.

The reason why memes spread so easily is that they’re so universal: just add a caption to any meme format of your liking and it can be about literally anything! Whether it’s about school, society, politics, pop culture, or life in general, memes can be an alternative means to express ourselves especially if it’s so #relatable. Be honest here, how many times have you tagged or sent a PM to a friend with the caption “This is so me”? There are hundreds to thousands of posts made under this category on Twitter alone, and it wouldn’t be surprising to find pages in Facebook dedicated to making these kinds of memes. Admit it, they’re pretty funny!

If you want to see more relatable stuff, check out 18 of the best relatable memes on the internet that people of all ages will find hilarious!

The 20s is truly a difficult stage for anyone.

And it happens all the time!

That moment when sleep arrives at the most inconvenient time possible.

That feeling when the internet connection is playing games with you.

If they have a dollar every time you make a bad decision, they’ll be rich!

“Yes Susan, you don’t have to rub it in our faces.”

And no one will suspect a thing!

Monday, the dreaded day of the week by possibly every person on Earth!

Apparently, managing our inbox gets worse after a long weekend.

Humans need continuous sustenance, and you can’t convince us otherwise!

Sunday is supposed to be a rest day!

The chances of finding out the answer for your question is significantly lower than getting a lecture for every question.

The cringe level is astoundingly high.


Whoever suggested getting a haircut in the middle of emotional instability is nuts.

Online shopping apparently does wonders to our mood.

Is it that much of an emergency?

A friend who can take photos properly can only exist in a perfect world.

What do you think?

Written by Mia Tremaine

Using social media as much as I do, I love having a steady meme stream on hand to use as often as possible. That’s why this collection is so awesome, and I know you’re gonna love it too.

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