Looking to share a meme with a friend? These thanksgiving memes 2019 will keep you laughing

Thanksgiving is a peculiar holiday where the family tries to gather every member for thanksgiving to either give thanks or to bicker. While there are plenty of things to thank about during thanksgiving it becomes a circus because of uncontrollable family members who show up once a year just to criticize their nieces and nephews for getting fat or not yet being married. It is also the day of mass genocide of turkeys that sacrificed their beautiful lives for our thanksgiving dinners. The tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving dates back to our native ancestors who celebrate their autumn bounty and good harvest. while we still do not know why we eat turkey specifically during thanksgiving dinners and why it is such a big deal, it is a great tradition that we can continue to do to celebrate our successes and victories throughout the year. Bringing food and sharing food with your relatives, friends and loved ones is a tradition that is dear to our hearts even though we hate it most times. Regardless of how you spend Thanksgiving, it is a joyful day that deserves some special food on the table. Check out our funny thanksgiving memes from 2019 that deserve a good throwback and laughs.

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Written by Lucia Asaro

In between being a stressed-out parent, I am the Queen of Meme!

Memes can be anything - images, videos, words, or even quotes, and can hold a wide variety of meanings that are virally transmitted across platforms. Social network sites are jam packed with meme culture, but far from being merely a social media phenomena, they are starting to change the way business operations are conducted. Big brands, for example, often create and share memes that spread awareness of their products or the messages they wish to pass on. In this way, memes have become more important than anyone could imagine, and they look to go from strength to strength.

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